Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Start of Something Beautiful...And Delicious!

Welcome to Low Allergy Kitchen, a place where I will post some of my favorite, low-allergy recipes.
What is Low Allergy Kitchen? It is a place where people with food allergies can come and find hope! As someone with a TON of food allergies and sensitivities, as well as moral objections to certain other foods, finding healthy, tasty food used to be a problem - good thing I loooove to cook and bake!
Here I will post some great recipes, and hopefully I'll be able to get to recording some cooking demos so you can see some of the techniques I use to get low-allergy food to taste as close to the "real thing" as possible.
  1. Some things to keep in mind:The recipes I post are taken from some of my favorite chefs, but I have altered the ingredients and techniques for my own allergies and tastes. If a recipe is close to the original, I will give credit to the original author (of course I don't want any copyright infringement here!!)
  2. When changing or eliminating things from your diet, always seek the advice of a knowledgeable health care professional first - eliminating the wrong foods may cause vitamin or mineral deficiencies or other problems you haven't even heard of until they happen to you. This blog is in no way meant to treat, diagnose or cure any illness or replace professional advice in any way, shape or form. If possible, seek out a registered dietitian to help you plan your new meals to keep you as healthy as possible, in addition to talking with your doctor.
  3. Start with small changes, and keep in mind it takes about 3 weeks for you to grow new taste buds and actually like the new foods you are eating. It's true. If you have to eliminate a food and you have to substitute it with something you aren't too fond of, stick with it and you will come to like it - maybe even love it.
  4. Be patient! Gluten free, egg free, sugar free - they all require certain substitutions and may take some adjustments to get the required result. Don't give up! Keep trying and the results will be more than worth it!
I hope you enjoy the recipes, I sure do! Remember to experiment, keep an open mind to new tastes. And don't forget - you are worth the effort of good food!
Happy Cooking!

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