Wednesday, October 20, 2010

HUGE 50% Off Sale in My Etsy Store!

I need to make room for all of the creations I want to make, and to do that, I am selling almost all of my jewelry for 50% off! Why not get your holiday shopping done now, and have some money left over to buy something for yourself? See the sale section here:
Happy shopping!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm Back!

One of the 3 blankets I crocheted as wedding gifts for my wedding. Design by Dorothy Warrell.

YAY! I'm back and boy have I missed everyone in the blogosphere! On September 10, Brennan and I finally got married in a teeny tiny (8 person) ceremony in Kemptville, Ontario. We were so blessed to have nice weather and our immediate family around us. I was doubly blessed - September 10 is my birthday, so I got to get the man I love to be officially mine on my birthday :)
The photos here are of a project I've worked on for a year (I'm still working on one for Brennan and I now, but I managed to get the others ready by the wedding, phew!). I purchased 4 blanket kits from a year ago and got them all the same to give to our parents and my friend who was taking our photos. It is an Aran Nosegay pattern and WOW! was it time consuming (about 70 hours per blanket), but SO worth it. Everyone loves them, and I can't wait to finish mine. They are about 4 feet by 5feet 7 inches and so incredibly toasty warm.
Here's a closeup of one of the panels
Each blanket takes 12 panels, and I had never done a blanket before, so it took me a while to figure out the stitches (thank God it was crochet and not knitting, I'm so slow at knitting, I'd probably still be on the first panel of the first blanket!), but I did, and now I have to say I am HOOKED (no pun intended, well, ok, a teensy pun intended!). I LOVE making blankets and I have already ordered a different kit for when I am done my current one. You can never have enough blankets, and I figure, if the next one goes well, I'll order another kit of that one and give it as a Christmas or birthday gift next year :) The blanket kits came with labels for me to personalize the blankets. I put our initials and the year.
I've also started to crochet washcloths and some fingerless gloves for myself, and a friend of mine is going to help me knit my first pair of socks - how addictive yarn is! I'll try to keep you updated as I go. I'm really slow though, so be prepared for sporadic updates on those!

Additionally, I am starting to (finally) write my gluten free, low allergy cookbook. It will be slow going for a while - I have to have people to test the recipes in their kitchens and that takes time - but I am excited to be finally working on it!

My jewellery stores on Etsy and Artfire are still going strong, and I have updated and relisted a few items over the last couple of days, keep checking back for more great items!

Thank you for all of your patience with my absence, I was really worried that I would lose all of my followers. I will be posting more regularly now, I promise :)

Have a fantastic day, full of happiness and blessings,

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