Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday - Or, What I'd Like for an Etsy Valentine's Day

Mini Top Hat from LastWear, Pinup Dress from MissBrache, Sexy Black Heels from ShoeMissy

Celtic Journal from ArtisanGraham, Jewellery Box from FLGardenGal, Pink Chalice from BudandLucysKid

I've had my eye on these items for a while......and if I had the money I'd have them all...and a few more! These items are fantastic, as are the sellers, so please feel free to click on the images to go to that seller's Etsy Store.
Also, I am featured in a fantastic treasury, see it here:
Enjoy :)


Barry said...

No argument, they are beautiful.

Now how do I keep my wife from finding them so she'll still appreciate the dozen roses I have on order?

Meghann said...

She can see them, but the roses are what you thought of all by yourself. Not being influenced by outside sources, mind, but all my yourself. She will appreciate the heartfelt thought in that :)
Besides, roses cost about as much as the shoes anyway - and the roses smell way better!

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