Monday, September 21, 2009

Thoughts and Prayers Needed

I haven't written a blog post for two days as I had some sad news from 2 of my blog friends and I needed time to think it over. I wanted to put my feelings into order to make a blog post that would mean something, but I am still very upset and I don't think I have the ability to be very loquacious at this point (or probably ever).

Barry at An Explorer's View of Life has informed his blog followers that the cancer in his esophagus has spread to other parts of his body, making his cancer treatable, but not curable. His doctors have said he has anywhere from a few months to 5 years. I am in shock! A man who is so witty, funny, fresh and alive, who has gone through the Hell of chemo, radiation and throat widening procedures just HAS to get better. Please, please pray for him, or if you aren't a praying person, please, please send him positive thoughts of healing and happiness.

After hearing that, I went to another of my favorite blogs, written by Renee on Circling My Head. Renee is a vocal, intelligent woman, not afraid to swear when it is necessary, dealing with her own terminal cancer (which is, thank God, stable right now), and having a very hard time recently, with her mothergetting sick , her sister diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer, and her nephew with a cancer that less than a handful of people in the world have had, and none have survived. On Friday, her Nephew Sheldon succumbed to his cancer and passed away in the hospital. Please, Please pray and send positive thoughts to her and her family to help them get through this terrible time. He was only 25, and though death at any age is hard, his was more so.

Please help them with your thoughts and prayers. Please visit their blogs and give them your support.
My love to all of my blog followers, I hope you never have to go through what these brave people are going through. My love, prayers and thoughts to Barry and his family, and to Renee and her family also.


Anonymous said...

Oh my - so much heartache for one family to bare. It really makes you stop and be thankful for good health doesn't it. My prayers are with all the people you wrote about, to find the strength and courage to keep fighting that horrible disease.

kj said...

Hello Friend,

Julie Ann of and kj of are conspiring to send our beloved Renee a holiday “We-Treasure-You” Chest from her devoted blog friends. The idea is that anyone who wants to can send a special gift or card to kj and everything will be mailed in one box., filled to the brim with our handmade presents, art, tokens, cards, store bought gifts-- whatever you would like to give. What ever it is will hopefully give Renee a wonderful surprise and let her know how much she means to all of us over the holidays and always.

If you would like to participate please email kj at and she’ll send you her mailing address. We’re thinking your gift should not be much larger than a cigar box or if flat 11 x 14 if possible, so we can fit everything into one big box for shipping. If you just want to send a card, that is totally fine and you know it will be so appreciated! (If you also want to send something for Jacquie, that is great too).
We’re thinking everything should reach kj no later than December 1st. She will plan to mail the We-Treasure-You Chest to Renee the first week in December.
We’re excited just thinking of her opening her treasure chest and finding expressions of love from so many of us!

P.S. We are contacting people over a week’s time but please feel free to (secretly) spread the word. Anyone/everyone is invited to be part of this.

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