Friday, November 21, 2008

Gluten Alert! Watch Out for These Sneaky Foods!

I've known this for a while now, but a friend of my husband who is new to the whole Celiac/allergic to glutens found this out the hard way and I thought I'd try and warn the rest of the world before someone else gets sick!
Reading labels is now not the only way to avoid gluten in your packaged foods - and by this I mean that not all products will list if the amount is small enough to not 'count' as an ingredient, such as being used in the finishing process of a food product.
Ketchups, mustards, and relishes (among others) are guilty of this. I know that Heinz ketchup is safe, but some condiment companies (especially the nameless brands) use wheat gluten/starch as a finishing agent in the condiments, but, as the levels are 'very low' they don't have to list it as an ingredient. Some of them may have started to put 'may have come in contact with' labels on them, but not all of them have. The way to avoid this?? Call the company and be very assertive (not rude, just explain how sick you will get if they aren't absolutely 100% positive on their answer) about asking them if they use any sort of suspicious ingredients in the manufacture of their products. French's mustard is usually safe, but always call to be sure!
I hope this helps - if you are getting symptoms but can't figure out where they are coming from, you might just have your culprit!
Take care, eat well!!

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