Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Gluten Free Allergy Information and New Recipe

Gluten Allergies - You Don't "Knead" the Stuff!

Gluten intolerance, also known as Celiac Disease is becoming more and more common. It is incurable, and the only treatment known is to avoid all sources of gluten. This includes wheat, rye, oats (some people can tolerate pure oats in small amounts), barley, spelt, kamut, durum, semolina, and other forms of wheat such as bulgar and couscous. Other hidden forms of gluten can be hydrolyzed proteins, modified starches, malts, and some alcohols. As with other food allergies, gluten intolerance can get worse with prolonged exposure, so strict avoidance to foods containing gluten is very important. Gluten can be found in trace amounts in many foods. Even if foods do not state that they have gluten, any foods stating they “may have some in contact with wheat/glutens” should be treated with caution, and avoided if possible.There are many alternatives to wheat and “traditional” flours for your baking: rice, corn, soy, tapioca, potato, arrowroot, sorghum – all are great gluten free alternatives that taste great in foods.Gluten free baking and cooking presents a real challenge both in taste and texture. The secret lies in the combination of various flours for best success. The recipes given here all give the combination of flours to use, but feel free to alter the combinations to your tastes and allergies. It is never a waste to try something new!There are more companies catering to gluten free eaters every day, and many of their products are very palatable. Still, I am convinced that there truly is no comparison to that of fresh, homemade goods, like anything else!

Gluten, Egg, and Dairy-Free Mayonnaise It's Vegan and Delicious!
It's a bit thinner than regular mayo, but it tastes great and is an awesome addition to salad dressings, sandwiches and much, much more!

½ tsp Sugar
1 Cup Water
½ tsp Salt
¼ Cup Light Flour Mix
¼ tsp Paprika, or To Taste
1 tbsp Ground Flax seed
3 tbsp Hot Water
½ tsp Ground Mustard
¾ Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
3 tbsp Vinegar
Whisk together the flax seed and hot water. Let sit for 3 minutes, or until thick, whisking occasionally.
In a small pot over medium heat, whisk flour and 1 cup water. Add the flax seed-water mixture, and simmer over medium heat, whisking constantly to keep the mayonnaise from separating. Cook for about 10 minutes, or until the mixture becomes thick and shiny, almost translucent.
Remove from the heat and add the spices and vinegar, again whisking constantly. Add the oil slowly while beating with a whisk or electric beater. Store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to a month.


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